On Mondays, or the first school day of the week, students are given four logical thinking/problem solving exercises to be completed by Friday, or the last school day of the week. All four problems are due on that day, and can be turned in any time during the week. Credit is given for both showing work, and for coming to an answer.


Primarily, science homework will be to study notes and labs from class in preparation for unit tests. It is expected that students make sure to keep notes and journal entries organized.


There will be 2-3 social studies long-term projects assigned throughout the school year. In addition, several times per term, students will be required to write a brief summary of a current event that they have read, heard, or watched. These summaries will be shared and discussed in class.


On Wednesdays, a new spelling list of ten words and a word sort are given out. On the following Tuesday, the word sort and two additional choice assignments (three homework assignments total) are due in the spelling journal. Also on this day, a traditional spelling test and a vocabulary test are given on the ten words.