How to become an “Official State Tour Guide”!

Your presentation will be scored in three different areas –Content, Product and Presentation.

Content - Your presentation must include facts about your state that show its contribution to the rest of the country. All of the following must be included accurately in your presentation.
  1. In what region of the USA is your state located?
  2. What mountain range(s) are located there?
  3. What major river(s) are located there?
  4. What natural resources does your state produce?
  5. What types of industry are located in your state?
  6. How do the state’s geographical location and features help it contribute to the USA?

Product Your presentation should include a visual product for your audience to view as you take them on a “tour” of your state. Choose one of the following products to use during your presentation.

  • Make an “Official State Tour” power point presentation that includes all of your state’s information and contributions.
  • Make an “Official State Tour “ free-standing display board to show all of your state’s information and contributions.
  • Make an “Official State Tour” pamphlet or travel guide that shows all of your state’s information and contributions.
  • Choose your own product – must be approved by your SS teacher.

Presentation As an “Official State Tour Guide”, you must convince your audience that your state has really helped the rest of the USA through its contributions. You need to use persuasive language while being enthusiastic and knowledgeable about your state. Include at least two of the following to make your presentation engaging.

v Bring in or make a food item that is popular in your state.

v Bring in a product that your state is known for producing.

v Dress up as a famous person who comes from your state. Be prepared to explain who you are and how you contributed to the USA. (ex. athletes, scientists, politicians)

v Design a license plate for cars in your state that shows why its important to the USA.

v Design a slogan for your state and put it on a bumper sticker.

v Make up and perform a new state song.

v Make a state flag for your state that includes the state seal and either the official state animal, sport, food, flower or animal.

v Choose your own presentation piece – to be approved by your SS teacher.